Orvieto con Gusto

Orvieto con Gusto
Back to Orvieto con Gusto. Thirteenth Edition
Event inspired by the culture of Slow Food and Cittaslow national and international
23 April to 1 May 2012
Orvieto con Gusto – Overture of Spring
28 September to 7 October 2012
Orvieto con Gusto – thirteenth edition
Back to “Orvieto con Gusto”, after three years off the big “dream” of wine and food “laden cliff” arrives at the XIII edition thanks to the collaboration between “Consortium Orvieto Way of Life” and Orvieto. “Orvieto con Gusto 2012″ is inspired by the excellence of the territory, the great food and good wine, but without renouncing to offer, through qualifying inserts, food and wine of other identities are inspired by the culture of well-being of Slow Food and Cittaslow .
The Consortium “Orvieto Way of Life”, with a view to enhancing global land and its potential, offers a festival dedicated to wine and Umbrian typical products with a diversified program that combines efficiency and quality with ‘ attention and sensitivity to the needs of the tourism sector in all its segments.
One goal is to discover and know the area through a journey traveling through the flavors that will take place in two times of the year: April and October, in an effort to diversify the offer, to promote products relishing the respective characteristics and meeting the needs of every palate.
The stars of this edition are: truffles, vegetables, wine, oil, saffron, onion, Chianina beef, pork, salami, cheese, fish, bread, pasta, sweets , honey, chocolate.
Considering that food tourism is characterized by a heterogeneous user profile and demanding, the offer of the thirteenth edition of “Orvieto con Gusto 2012″ wants to be of high standard products offering genuine, tradition-bound but constantly focused on innovation.
The Project
The entire event, in the two editions of April and September, will be divided into several sections, each with specific characteristics and activities.
The marketplace of flavors
A fair featuring local products made through the direct participation of producers. Those involved include: oil producers, wines, cheeses, meats and sausages, truffle hunters, farmers and farm, producers of honey, homemade pasta, cakes and pastries typical, organic products and handicrafts.
Each exhibitor will be selected and contacted by drawing from a list of qualified referrals, evaluating the authenticity, excellence in production and the territorial origin.
The market will take place in the main squares of the city, along the historic streets and historic buildings.
Taste Workshops
in collaboration with Slow Food
Laboratories and teaching moments will introduce the audience to Italian and foreign food culture in all its aspects: ethical, social and artistic.
Tastings artistic
Some of the monuments of the city will host themed tastings from the particular character and unforgettable. Brief artistic performances in collaboration with partners will entertain the audience with “taste in art and culture.”
Walk among the delights of good food and the pleasure of good wine
A weekend dedicated to wine, walking the streets and squares of the historic center of Orvieto, where you can taste traditional dishes made by renowned chefs.
Each dish will be served in an attractive location in Orvieto allowing participants to enjoy the artistic beauty of the city.
Of restaurant restaurant … in search of traditional dishes
During the entire course of the event, some of the greatest and most distinctive restaurants in Orvieto will offer themed menus in order to enhance the flavors and aromas of traditional cuisine.
Seminars and conferences
Training events of various kinds accompany and give added value to the event. Particular attention will be given to the issue of celiac disease.

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